Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Treatments And Causes Of Asthma

Guys ,Asthma is not caused due to a specific reason , but there are various aspects which lead to this state . Causative reasons which lead to asthma are surroundings , hereditary and even nutritional regime .
The common perilous aspects of the growth of asthma are :
Premature birth .
Exposure of the child to the smoke of tobacco , especially through the mother .
If the weight of the child at the time of birth is low .
In case there is a record in the family of asthma , or any other sensitive conditions called 'atopic conditions' , like 'hay fever , allergic conjunctivitis or eczema' .
The presence of 'bronchiolitis' in childhood , and growth of any other 'atopic condition' .
The indications of this condition can get activated by various peripheral aspects like :
Climatic conditions , like chilly atmosphere could cause asthma .
Emotional aspects , like anxiety , pressure or even expressing amusement can cause asthma .
Infections in the respiratory tract that is the chest and the airways . This is primarily due to viruses .
Parasites , fungi and bacteria could also be accountable to trigger this condition in a few cases .
Medications , medicines like the NSAIDs that is 'nonsteriod anti - inflammatory drugs' like the 'ibuprofen and aspirin' which are widely known can also lead to asthma . There is another medication called the 'beta - blockers' which is given in case of 'high blood pressure' is also known to cause asthma .
Allergens , like dust mites , fur or feathers of animals and pollen also causes asthma .
Presence of sulphites in food , sulphites is a natural substance which is found specific foods . It is also used as a preservative . A few foods and drinks with a high value of sulphite are shrimp , foods which are processed , wine and beer .
Irritants which are carried by the wind , like pollution in the atmosphere , smoke from the cigarette and fumes from chemicals also cause asthma .
Before an asthma attack occurs there is an indication that is something occurs biologically known as inflammation . This is one of the conditions in which the immune system aids in fighting diseases aligned with bacteria or viruses .
Symptoms :
The indications of asthma could take place without clear reasoning . The indications comprise of :
Coughing , especially during the night .
Breathlessness .
Wheezing .
Feeling of tightness in the chest .
The time period and the harshness of the indications are random and inconsistent and at times worsen with working out or even at night . In case of a severe asthmatic attack , the indications start building up gradually taking 6 to 48 hours . It is important to keep a check on the indication as they would worsen , the signs are :
The wheezing increases .
The level of the 'peak expiratory flow rate' drops .
Restlessness .
The pulse rate increases .
The characteristic indications of a severe asthmatic attack comprise of :
Difficulty in talking and breathing .
Tightening of the skin near the neck and chest .
Increase in the pulse rate .
Flaring of the nostrils while trying to breathe .
Fingernails and lips tend to turn blue .
Treatment :
There are many treatments of asthma . First comes the 'Personal Asthma Plan' , here the person suffering from asthma is told everything he or she should keep in mind and told about self care , symptoms of an attack and various aspects of asthma . Then is the 'Medical Treatment - the stepwise approach' , here the treatment is a step wise procedure , depending on the harshness of the condition .
There are 5 stages in this treatment ; they are 'mild intermittent asthma' , 'regular prevention therapy' , and 'add - on therapy' , 'persistent poor control and continuous or frequent use of oral steroids' .
The other treatment to treat asthma is called the 'Exercise - induced asthma' , here a medication is given sometime before exercising , the pattern of exercise is altered and the condition is treated accordingly.


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