Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Deep Breathing Advantage

Here's a total health system that uses just the power of deep breathing . I was made to think of this because of an old yoga book that I've been re-reading for the umpteen time . This book , I should tell you , is the first self-development book that I ever came across - over 30 years ago !
Anyway , this method links in with a lot of the more modern approaches to health and fitness that some of today's experts have adopted .
Let's get started .
A healthy bloodstream is key to a healthy body . It is responsible for transporting all of the oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in body . Having a fully functioning circulation system means a healthy body free from illness and disease . The captain of this system is breathing .
Let's look a little closer at this .
If you've been meditating for any length of time , or even if you're just making a start , you will know that the breath forms a cornerstone of many of an effective meditation practice . But it is also the way that you fully oxygenate the body and charge the electrical energy of every one of your cells .
Okay , nothing radical there , that's covered in a basic elementary biology class . But one fact that is not so well known is how your breathing helps drive the function of the lymphatic system . This is a crucial network to consider when looking to achieve optimum health .
It is , for all intents and purposes , the body's sewer system .
The Lymphatic system is crucial in maintaining good health and acts as a secondary circulatory network alongside the blood circulation system . Lymph is the fluid carried by the lymphatic system , and is a clear or slightly yellow fluid that originates as blood plasma leaked from the blood vessels .
The lymphatic system has several functions :
Drains fluid back from the body tissues to prevent dehydration
Fights infections and prevents invasion by bacteria , viruses , and fungi
Recycles plasma proteins
Filters the lymph fluid of waste
This system is so important to our health and well being that Gerald M . Lemole , chief of cardiovascular surgery at Christiane Health Services of Delaware , called it 'our river of life' . This river can be kept healthy through exercise , healthy diet , stress reduction , massage , and deep breathing .
Which is just about where we came in .
The lymphatic system isn't closed , like the circulatory one , and it has no central pump like the heart .
Instead , this system is powered by the breath .
Any health system worth it's salt will , first and foremost , teach you how to fully cleanse your body through effective breathing . Effective breathing is characterised by deep inhale , pause at the end of the inhale to allow transfer of oxygen , and a slow exhale to ensure effective removal of toxins .
We can think of this breathing technique in a three stage cycle .
By using deep diaphragmatic breathing , a vacuum is created that effectively sucks the lymph through the blood stream . As oxygen content is key to healthy non-malignant cells , fully oxygenating your system would seem to be the number one priority.


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