Thursday, 24 January 2013

Acupuncture And The Headaches

Do you suffer from headaches ? If you do , you're not alone . The New York Times disclosed that 73% of Americans suffer from headaches . If headaches are part of life , you know well that Western medicine has no cure for your condition . If you're lucky , you've found a medicine that resolves the pain temporarily , without too many side effects . If you're not lucky , there are no medications to help with the pain . You may not believe this , but a vast majority of people suffering from headaches can be cured with acupuncture . No matter if you've been getting headaches for the past twenty months or for the last twenty years , acupuncture can break the cycle of pain permanently .
How is that possible ? Acupuncture treats both the headache and the source of the headache . Chinese medicine goes to the root of the problem , which is the imbalance that generates headaches in the first place . You might say , "Well , it's all the stress I'm under that's responsible for my headaches" . You are partially correct . Stress plays a major role in many headaches , but if you didn't also have internal imbalances , stress would not trigger a headache in you . For example , one could say that the wind is responsible for knocking down trees during severe storms . But often it is the sick or rigid trees that get knocked down , while the healthy , more flexible trees withstand storms much better . While the wind plays its part , the health of the trees is critically important to whether it will survive a storm . It's the same with people and disease . Stress , like the wind , would not trigger headaches and other health problems if the person's underlying health was stronger . Acupuncture treats the patient to make them function more like the healthy and flexible trees .
How does acupuncture improve your health ? On a certain level it's hard to imagine how putting a tiny needle in a certain location on the body can improve one's health . When you turn on a light switch , a circuit is open , electricity flows , and a light turns on . Acupuncture points on the surface of the body act in a similar way to influence organ function in the body . The Chinese discovered that activating specific points , a majority of which are located on the arms and legs , sends messages to specific organs . And , like a dimmer switch , manipulating the needles certain ways at these locations can influence the type of message that is sent .
But how do you know what message to send , and what organ to treat for any given disease or symptom ? That's another insight of Chinese medicine . Each imbalance responsible for disease can be corrected with a certain acupuncture point combination . Regarding headaches , there are 20 different imbalances responsible for triggering different types of headaches . There are headaches with sharp stabbing pain to the temples , dull achy pain in the back of the head , mild persistent daily headaches , and excruciating migraines with auras and light sensitivity , to name just a few . A Chinese medicine doctor must first determine which imbalance is responsible for your particular headache , then create a point prescription most appropriate to correct the imbalance , and then apply the needles with skill and precision to properly influence the organs to get the desired results .
How long do the benefits last ? Remarkably , once corrected with acupuncture , the benefits last a very long time . Some people never need to come back for treatment . Others come for tune-ups when they feel the need . For the most part , the body holds onto the changes , adopting them as the new normal . This makes sense because the body started out healthy before it fell out of balance , triggering the disease or symptoms . Acupuncture is simply putting the body back into balance . Once there , it tends to stay in balance.


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