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Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Foods For Low Cholesterol

Some foods are known to raise cholesterol . Some are known to lower cholesterol . Replace the bad foods with the good foods . It's like killing two birds with one stone . Most of us know unhealthy food when we see it . But it's not so obvious which foods are really good , especially when it comes to reducing cholesterol .
So here's the list of the top 10 foods to lower cholesterol . Most lists like this are very similar , which means they're probably accurate as well .
Dark Chocolate
This is a good choice because it tastes great and helps lower your cholesterol . How does dark chocolate do this ? It contains flavonols which contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties . Use chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa .
Olive Oil
Another food that contains unsaturated fat which , as mentioned above , helps reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol . You can use olive oil as a replacement for butter when frying foods . It tastes good too !
Almonds and Walnuts and Pistachios
These nuts contain unsaturated fat which is the good kind of fat . Unsaturated fat helps lower bad ( LDL ) cholesterol and raise good ( HDL ) cholesterol . It also makes LDL less likely to oxidize which is a process that harms the arteries . Numerous studies report a reduction in cholesterol with the consumption of these nuts .
Another great tasting food especially if you add some blueberries or other favorite fruit . I have a small bowl of oatmeal almost every morning , topped with blueberries , brown sugar , and skim milk . Oatmeal is a fantastic source of soluble fiber which helps prevent cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream .
Avocado's are high in unsaturated fat . But , according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal , Dec . 14 , 2010 the monounsaturated fats in avocados help lower serum lipids , including LDL cholesterol . I have heard people say that they dramatically lowered their cholesterol level by eating an avocado every week , over a period of less than one year . I'm talking like 20 to 30 percent lower . This must be a powerfully nutritious food .
We've used avocado in recipes such as lasagna and soup . And of course Guacamole is made up mostly of Avocado .
I've already mentioned blueberries . Why are blueberries so nutritious ? They are high in vitamin C and dietary fiber . They also contain antioxidants called polyphenols . Blueberries contain pterostilbene which is believed to lower cholesterol . Another super healthy food that tastes great !
Tomatoes contain lycopene which may help lower cholesterol . Lycopene inhibits the bad cholesterol ( LDL ) and breaks it down making it less harmful . Tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes will provide the Lycopene benefit !
Another food that tastes good and is very healthy . Use it with salads , soups , and sandwiches . It's most healthy in it's raw form
Flaxseed or flaxseed oil
You can buy flax seed ground or as whole seeds . It can be used in baking or for sprinkling on top of salads and other foods . We've used it to make banana bread and it tastes great !
Spinach is full of fiber and lutein which can reduce bad ( LDL ) cholesterol . Lutein may also help prevent heart disease because it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties .
Every one of these foods is nutritious and may help lower cholesterol . Now that you know what these foods are you have to take action and consume these foods in place of bad foods . Make it your routine to use these foods and you'll very likely see the benefit from it.

Anxiety And Phobia

How to get over driving fear Overcome Driving Fear , Anxiety and Phobia
That is an issue that does have an answer . The routine activity of grabbing the keys off the counter . Heading out the door . Slipping behind the wheel of the family car is not just a struggle . It's an all out nightmare . While the psychologists may not have coined a precise scientific term for the driving fear . This phobia is a legitimate concern for many Americans . Performing simple tasks . Like going to the grocery store or picking up the kids from school . It can be an anxiety . The question is how to overcome driving fear . So that you don't have to struggle .
A fear of driving can lead to various symptoms including panic attacks , shortness of breath , increased heart rate , chest tightness , or other conditions . Driving can become all but impossible as this anxiety spreads , and its possible people suffering from this problem could become a danger to others while behind the wheel . Determining how to overcome fear of driving starts with diagnosing how this phobia affects you . So make sure you take the time to talk to a professional about what you experience .
Overcome Driving Fear , anxiety and phobia . There are right ways , and wrong ways to overcome your fears , anxiety and phobia . Making sure you take the proper steps . It is essential to seeing long term success in conquering your fears . Close calls on the road . Or other scary incidents can imprint on your psyche over time . Your mind can start to associate the act of driving with putting you or others in danger . You begin to develop an anxiety . Toward starting your car . Heading out on the open road . It's important to realize that the same process that imprinted these fears can help you disassociate driving with danger . Good experiences can undo the bad ones .
The anxiety you feel while driving is not a logical thought process . Feelings of fear are designed to protect us . It cause us to instinctively avoid danger . The problem is that a driving fear can put you in danger . Not being able to enjoy a normal . A healthy lifestyle . Therapy and medication are not the best answers to overcome driving fear , anxiety and phobia . Instead , we recommend considering a vehicle control class . Or other hands on approach that can help generate positive experiences behind the wheel . It is to counter balance whatever negative imprints on your mind make you anxious .
The Conclusion
In this kind of class , experienced instructors can teach you many proven techniques . How to steer through skids . How to stop a car moving at high speed quickly and safely , and other practical techniques . Did you know that when something scares you on the road ? You instantly focus on whatever it is that scares you be it a deer , oncoming traffic , or even a telephone pole . Simply remaining calm . Keep your focus on the wide open spaces of the road around . You can help you navigate away . From impending danger more carefully . Contact local driver's education companies . Most of these groups will either offer a class . A class on defensive driving . It is able to tell you who in your area does . Feeling positive about being behind the wheel . It can be the first step toward how to overcome driving fear , anxiety and phobiain your life by Driving Fear Program
Driving fear program is special program designed to overcome driving fear , anxiety and phobia.

Drugs Addiction Treatment

If you are trying to get past drug , alcohol , or prescription medication addiction , you have to know where to go when searching for the best addiction treatment centres . Each level of addiction is different from the next , and each individual is going to respond to treatment in a different way ; for this reason , each individual has to consider their addiction , the level of the addiction , and what they are addicted to , in order to find the one solution and treatment option that is best for them , and the level of addiction they are trying to fight .
Outpatient Facilities
One of the options to consider when seeking out addiction treatment centres , is the outpatient facility . This is similar to AA meetings , and the support group system . Some of the benefits here include :

- A support system , and the fact that others are in the same situation as you are in .

- It is affordable , especially in comparison to inpatient treatments .

- You have a family , and a leader that is going to guide you , and has fought the addiction you are fighting

- You get to stay in the real world , which can be a challenge , but is something you have to get acclimated to , and learn how to live without the drugs or alcohol you are addicted to

Inpatient Facility

The next form of treatment is to check in to inpatient addiction treatment centres . These are going to provide you with :

- Doctors and nurses on staff and site 24/7

- You are taken away from the people and things that led you to addiction

- You have no way of bringing things in , and you will not be able to have contact with drugs or alcohol while in the facility

- You learn how to quit , without introducing new drugs or medication when trying to quit

- You are under constant supervision , have a support team , and have people around who know what you are going through , which is going to make it easier for you to get past the tough times
This can be done at a number of addiction treatment centres and facilities . Depending on whether it is for drug treatment or alcohol addiction , you will have different leaders and guides . Either way , with this treatment option , you are basically quitting cold turkey . It is difficult to do on your own , and therefore you need a support system , you need people who can guide you and help you stay clean , or you have to consider the option of checking in to a facility , or having doctor supervision , to ensure you do stay clean and are not using , or are not tempted by the many temptations that there are in the real world .
Each addiction is different from the next , and each individual is going to respond to treatment in a different way . For this reason , you do have to consider all options and all addiction treatment centres , in order to find the one you believe is the best fit for you when trying to quit.

Causes & Remedies Of Teeth Pain

While growing wisdom teeth is an assured signal you have reached an age of maturity , that new molars may also be a supply of distress or pain . When wisdom teeth grow in a misaligned manner , it could cause some pressure on the nearby gums and teeth . Depending on the extent of the misalignment , the extent and magnitude of the pain may vary from individual to individual .
There are many ways by which a wisdom tooth can grow out of alignment . The first typical condition occurs when the tooth is placed close to each other that there is no room for the new molars to grow . In effect , the adult molars positioned horizontally . Horizontal positioning , although rare , can happen if the already existing teeth are so perfectly will try to grow above the fold of existing teeth . Usually this does not cause a lot of pain . However , when the horizontally placed tooth starts to grow with a weird angle and hits a nerve somewhere , it could be extremely painful . This condition can also possibly affect facial features and give the face a certain lack of symmetry .
Aside from horizontal misalignment , wisdom teeth may also grow in such a way that they push other existing teeth away from their original positions . This can be excruciating because it is as if the teeth are being pulled out gradually and manually from their roots .
Bacterial infections can also be caused by "wrong" wisdom tooth growth . When your adult molars start to surface and pushes the gums away , it is possible for the gums to leave out a small opening or pocket which can give place for bacteria to grow . These small openings can be very small , which makes it harder for toothbrush or floss to reach . As the bacteria grows exponentially , an individual can possibly suffer from pain , swelling , bad breath , and bleeding gums .
To avoid the above conditions from happening , it is advisable that an individual consult with a certified dental practitioner at the earliest signs of the appearance of wisdom teeth . While having these molars is not entirely bad , the dentist will monitor how they are growing to see if they will cause potential problems .
Extraction of these molars is easy and pain free . The dentist will begin by relaxing the patient and giving him or her a local anesthetic that will numb the specific area where the wisdom tooth is directly located . For phobic patients , sedation is performed by the dentist so that the extraction will not be felt at all . As soon as the trouble tooth is extracted , the dentist will swab and clean the entire area surrounding it to ensure that no teeth particles of the adult molars are remaining within the gums.

Acupuncture And The Headaches

Do you suffer from headaches ? If you do , you're not alone . The New York Times disclosed that 73% of Americans suffer from headaches . If headaches are part of life , you know well that Western medicine has no cure for your condition . If you're lucky , you've found a medicine that resolves the pain temporarily , without too many side effects . If you're not lucky , there are no medications to help with the pain . You may not believe this , but a vast majority of people suffering from headaches can be cured with acupuncture . No matter if you've been getting headaches for the past twenty months or for the last twenty years , acupuncture can break the cycle of pain permanently .
How is that possible ? Acupuncture treats both the headache and the source of the headache . Chinese medicine goes to the root of the problem , which is the imbalance that generates headaches in the first place . You might say , "Well , it's all the stress I'm under that's responsible for my headaches" . You are partially correct . Stress plays a major role in many headaches , but if you didn't also have internal imbalances , stress would not trigger a headache in you . For example , one could say that the wind is responsible for knocking down trees during severe storms . But often it is the sick or rigid trees that get knocked down , while the healthy , more flexible trees withstand storms much better . While the wind plays its part , the health of the trees is critically important to whether it will survive a storm . It's the same with people and disease . Stress , like the wind , would not trigger headaches and other health problems if the person's underlying health was stronger . Acupuncture treats the patient to make them function more like the healthy and flexible trees .
How does acupuncture improve your health ? On a certain level it's hard to imagine how putting a tiny needle in a certain location on the body can improve one's health . When you turn on a light switch , a circuit is open , electricity flows , and a light turns on . Acupuncture points on the surface of the body act in a similar way to influence organ function in the body . The Chinese discovered that activating specific points , a majority of which are located on the arms and legs , sends messages to specific organs . And , like a dimmer switch , manipulating the needles certain ways at these locations can influence the type of message that is sent .
But how do you know what message to send , and what organ to treat for any given disease or symptom ? That's another insight of Chinese medicine . Each imbalance responsible for disease can be corrected with a certain acupuncture point combination . Regarding headaches , there are 20 different imbalances responsible for triggering different types of headaches . There are headaches with sharp stabbing pain to the temples , dull achy pain in the back of the head , mild persistent daily headaches , and excruciating migraines with auras and light sensitivity , to name just a few . A Chinese medicine doctor must first determine which imbalance is responsible for your particular headache , then create a point prescription most appropriate to correct the imbalance , and then apply the needles with skill and precision to properly influence the organs to get the desired results .
How long do the benefits last ? Remarkably , once corrected with acupuncture , the benefits last a very long time . Some people never need to come back for treatment . Others come for tune-ups when they feel the need . For the most part , the body holds onto the changes , adopting them as the new normal . This makes sense because the body started out healthy before it fell out of balance , triggering the disease or symptoms . Acupuncture is simply putting the body back into balance . Once there , it tends to stay in balance.

Signs Of Brain Tumor

Let's start with what a tumor actually is . Basically , tumors are abnormal cells that grow at a faster rate than normal cells . A tumor can be benign ( meaning not malignant ) or malignant ( muh-lig-nuhnt meaning cancerous )

There are many different types of brain tumors . First , primary brain tumors are tumors that begin in the brain ( not traveling from another part of the body ) . Any primary tumor refers to the type of tissue where the tumor first appeared . The most common brain tumors are call gliomas ( that's pronounced glahy-oh-muh ) . A secondary tumor is one in which the cells travel from another area of the body - so a in the brain , a secondary tumor would be cells that traveled into the brain ( via blood stream ) and burrowed in and started multiplying cells in its new home .

There are a couple types of gliomas :

Astrocytomas ( pronounced ās'trō-sī-tō'mə )- this is a cluster of star-shaped cells referred to as astrocytes . These can grow anywhere in the brain or spinal cord ; but there are general pattern that seems to occur . Astrocytomas are most often found in the brain for adults but in the brain stem in children .

Most people know that cancer has many grades - I , II , III , and IV . Identifying cancer early allows a patient to be treated quickly and more effectively .

Anaplastic astrocytoma : This is a grade III astrocytoma .

Glioblastoma multiforme ( pronounced glee-o-blas-TO-ma multih-FOR-may ) : This is a grade IV astrocytoma .
Check Out These Signs
The most frequent symptoms of brain tumors include :
Headaches that tend to be worse in the morning and ease during the day
Seizures- what my brother experienced was little spaces of time that he couldn't account for . For example , while ordering food in a restaurant , he would suddenly stop talking - that was the extent of his seizure for many years until he had a grand mal seizure ( that's the kind of seizure with convulsions ) .
Weakness or loss of feeling in the arms or legs
Nausea or vomiting
Stumbling or lack of coordination in walking ( ataxic gait )
Abnormal eye movements or changes in vision
Changes in personality or memory
Changes in speech : My brother lost his ability to speak well ; this was because the tumor was in his speech center in his brain . This became one of our biggest clues to his condition .
Don't overlook any of these signs or symptoms in the people you love . Educating yourself and being observant may just help someone you know get the help they need before it's too late.

Stages Of The Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is just one of the commonest kinds of cancer . Cancer may be simply described as misbehaving maniac tissues that follow no regular pattern of life with continuous multiplication or extended life . Once being diagnosed with breast cancer , the treatment methods are decided depending up on a number of factors including the type of the cancer , its location , its spread or the stage of the cancer etc .
Firstly the oncologist determines if the cancer is invasive or non-invasive .
Non-invasive breast cancer - Like the name hints , when the cancer is in the non-invasive stage , it means the cancerous cells are still contained to their site of origin . Typically referred as non-invasive In situ breast cancer , this type of cancer has not spread to the surrounding tissues , if not detected at this stage , it can eventually spread further . Ductal and lobular carcinoma is the two most common types of breast cancer .
Invasive breast cancer - Invasive type of cancer spreads beyond the site of origin to the surrounding tissues and organs further . Inflammatory cancer is an invasive type of breast cancer where the soft tissues of the breast are the target cells .
The stage of cancer depends on the size of the cancer , whether it is non-invasive or invasive , if the lymph nodes are affected or if the cancer has spread beyond to other organs and parts of the body . Stage 0 describes the non-invasive stage where the cancer is contained only to the site of origin as in DCIS and the LCIS . In stage I and stage II the cancer is in the initial phase of invasive stage .
Ductal carcinoma - ductal carcinoma is the most common type of cancer . Almost more than 85 % of the cases of breast cancer have ductal origin or ductal carcinoma in situ . The ducts lie underneath the areola of the breast and the nipple , and are the milk ducts to the nipple . DCIS or the ductal carcinoma in situ is a non invasive cancer , which can be treated by removing the cells in focus or the lump of the cells and further radiation . If this type of cancer has further grown to invasive stage and has spread to the surrounding tissues chemotherapy and mastectomy may be advised .
Lobular carcinoma - lobular carcinoma is lesser common than the ductal carcinoma . Here the cells of the lobes that produce milk are affected . The lobular carcinoma , if not treated timely , can further spread to the nearby tissues of the breast .
The tumor is measured less than 2 cm in stage I , between 2 cm and 5 cm in stage II , and the lymph nodes may or may not be involved . In stage III the tumor is measured larger in size and the axillary lymph nodes may be affected . In stage IV breast cancer , the metastasis of the cancer cells may have occurred to the other organs like skin , bones , lungs , ribs etc . TNM staging of cancer is based on the size of tumor ( T ) , the involvement of lymph node ( L ) and the grade of metastasis ( M ).